Another Reason Fresh Produce Is Best

It’s no secret that fresh, homegrown vegetables are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. And it’s not just the vitamins and minerals. Nutritionists also point out that they contain enzymes and dietary phytochemicals, which are vital for vibrant health. One thing that makes garden produce so much more nutrient dense (as opposed to store-bought) is the shorter time and distance between harvest and plate.

Some experts, though, think it goes beyond that. It’s a fascinating theory, pioneered by German scientists about ten years ago. Researchers believe that all living organisms contain biophotons, which are simply particles of light. Biophotons, it is believed, transmit information and act as communicators between cells. The healthiest organisms – whether people, animals, or plants – have far more biophotons than unhealthy organisms. When you eat fresh-from-the-garden food, you are literally eating sunlight.

Biophotons are not only beneficial … they’re essential. Because they help cells communicate with one another, say scientists, they contribute to good health and may even prevent disease.

But when you spray your veggies with toxic pesticides … eat food that’s been trucked long distances … or even heat it above 105 degrees … those light particles are extinguished. For the best biophotonic benefits, you want organically homegrown foods.

This is just another reason it makes sense to buy locally grown produce.  First and most importantly you KNOW where it came from.  It is Fresh!

Why spend the time and tear up part of your backyard to put in a garden when local farmers can provide what you are looking for without all of the back breaking work.

In the case of our farm you have several other advantages. 

  • We DO NOT use pesticides or herbicides. 

We don’t have to, our greenhouse is equipped with insect exclusions systems to minimize the possibility of insects getting in.  In the unlikely event insects do get in, we will use beneficial insects to control and eliminate the pests.  In the case of thrips  for example, the natural predator is lady bugs. Thrips can damage a leaf crop by eating the soft tissue off the bottom of the leaves,  lady bugs have no interest in the leafs of say a lettuce crop, but they will make a meal off a thrip!  Once the lad bugs have eliminated all the thrips, the lady bugs die off.  The crop is protected and the  lady bugs die without harming the lettuce. And not a drop of an insecticide was used!

  • A completely controlled environment.

Because our crops grow inside away from the sometimes harsh condition they would be exposed to outdoors, several factors that affect the quality of the crop are eliminated

Long periods without rain or dry Conditions

Long periods of excessive moisture or wet Conditions

The forces of high winds

Excessive Cold

Excessive heat

Wild life potentially damaging or infecting the crop

Inadequate nutrients in the soil

  • Consistent Quality and Flavor

 For all the same reasons listed under the controlled environment you also benefit a plant the is consistently better quality.  But the is one more reason the quality and flavor are better.

The proper amount of nutrients are provided to the plant on a continuous basis.

The amounts of the necessary nutrients for optimum growth, flavor and quality are monitored by sensors and computers. When necessary the proper amounts are added automatically to keep the nutrient solution at the levels needed for the best growth, quality and flavor.

When you look at the whole picture the safest most flavorful produce is produced at Four Oaks Farms!

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