Who We Are

Four Oaks Farms is a small family owned business doing one thing, growing and marketing high quality gourmet lettuce and other leaf crops, including microgreens, herbs and other vegetables.  This will be done in a controlled environment greenhouse operation utilizing the most recent technology in a 100% soilless hydroponic growing system.  We will focus our marketing to the local area (within 75 to 100 mile radius of the farm) so that you the consumer can have access to the freshest possible vegetables.  It is our intent to be known as the producer of the highest quality produce available.


Our Mission

Four Oaks Farms will grow and provide a safe, superior quality, fresh, vine ripened, locally grown produce to consumers in the surronding area.

What We Provide

Since we grow pick and distribute our products you can be assured that it is:

  • Fresh
  • Has been properly cared for throughout its life
  • Has not spent days in a warehouse
  • Has not been mis-handled
  • Has had no non-organic Pesticides applied
  • Has had no non-organic herbicides applied
  • Consistent quality and flavor
  • Our Emphasis will be on providing not only the highest quality produce but also the highest level of service, providing you the freshest product available, when you need it.

Often the produce that we deliver to you has been harvested less than 24 hours.logo_low_res


Our Business is Growing!

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